Taproot Wizards’ Quantum Cats NFTs Leap Past Technical Glitches to Amass $11.3M in Bitcoin

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The sale of Taproot Wizards’ Quantum Cats non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has so far successfully amassed 268.3 bitcoin, equating to $11.3 million at the current market value. This achievement comes despite earlier hurdles that delayed the sale due to technical issues, resulting in 2,681 Quantum Cat NFTs being snapped up thus far.

Quantum Cats NFT Mint Rakes in Over 268 Bitcoin Before Public Sale

Bitcoin.com News covered the Taproot Wizards’ Quantum Cats NFT sale three days prior, noting the technical challenges that led to a postponed sale. By Feb. 5, 2023, the sale kicked off, with a significant portion of these Ordinal inscription collectibles being purchased before the general public had a chance to participate.

Initially, access to the collection was exclusively granted to whitelisted individuals for a certain duration, after which the opportunity was opened up to the broader public. Before the end of the whitelist period, the project’s X account announced that 2,600 cats had been created. The official whitelist mint concluded at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Monday, with the public mint starting after a one-hour delay. Out of a total of 3,000 Quantum Cats, 2,680 have been minted to date.

With each Quantum Cat priced at 0.1 BTC, the sale had already secured 268.3 BTC, or $11.3 million, by the time the whitelist period ended. Now, slightly more than 300 cats remain available for purchase by the wider public—with the exception of U.S. residents. According to the Quantum Cats sale terms, Taproot Wizard inscriptions “are not offered to and may not be purchased by” anyone living within U.S. territories.

Post-sale, it remains to be seen whether the Quantum Cats NFTs will increase in value, maintain their initial price, or decline below the 0.1 BTC benchmark on secondary markets. The sale occurs amid a surge of interest in Ordinal inscriptions within the NFT realm, with Bitcoin now ranking as the second-largest platform for NFT sales, boasting $2.25 billion in NFT sales volume to date.

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