Taproot Wizards Postpones ‘Quantum Cats’ Mint for the Third Time Amid Technical Setbacks

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Technical difficulties have led Taproot Wizards to delay the minting of their “Quantum Cats” Bitcoin Ordinals collection for a third time. The team’s efforts to address unforeseen challenges and ensure a flawless minting experience have pushed back the launch date.

Taproot Wizards Faces Third Setback, Delays ‘Quantum Cats’ Mint for More Testing

Taproot Wizards, the team behind the eagerly anticipated “Quantum Cats” collection, has announced yet another delay in the minting process. This marks the third postponement of the sale, casting a shadow over what was heralded as a high-profile launch in the world of Bitcoin-based NFTs.

Originally scheduled to capitalize on the growing fascination with Bitcoin Ordinals, the “Quantum Cats” collection has faced hurdles. Taproot Wizards’ ambition to innovate the minting process, aiming to circumvent common issues such as mempool sniping and fee wars, has encountered unexpected challenges, leading to the latest delay.

The team’s recent post on X revealed their decision to push back the mint date revolved around their commitment to ensuring a fair and secure experience for their community. Despite successful collaborations with Ordinalhub/Luxor, a leading tech firm renowned for its work with prominent brands like Yuga Labs and Degods, the overwhelming demand from the community took the team by surprise.

Monday’s attempt to mint approximately 3,000 “Quantum Cats” at a fixed price of 0.1 BTC each — a venture that could amass around $12 million — was thwarted by technical difficulties. The mint was rescheduled for Thursday, but late Wednesday another delay to Feb. 5 was announced. The technical issues have since been addressed, according to the team, but the need for further testing to eliminate any potential unknown bugs led to the decision to delay again.

The Quantum Cats team expressed their dedication to the community’s safety and fairness, stating that the mint for whitelist holders is now rescheduled for Monday, Feb. 5, at 12pm ET, with a public mint to follow after a brief intermission.

Despite these setbacks, Taproot Wizards remains hopeful, urging patience and understanding from their community.

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