Hashkey Capital and FTSE Russell Launch Trio of Indices to Track Diverse Crypto Assets

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Digital asset investment company Hashkey Capital has collaborated with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) subsidiary FTSE Russell to unveil three indices for tracking cryptocurrencies. These indices enable investors and traders to keep an eye on a diverse collection of assets spanning different segments of the digital asset market.

Hashkey and FTSE Russell Introduce Comprehensive Crypto Asset Indices

Hashkey Capital revealed it has entered into a collaborative agreement with FTSE Russell, renowned for its benchmarks, analytics, and multi-asset data solutions. Together, they have introduced three indices dedicated to monitoring the performance of crypto assets.

Starting Jan. 24, 2024, these indices will be available on the FTSE Russell website. Additionally, there are plans to extend their accessibility to various data providers, including Bloomberg, Factset, LSEG Data and Analytics, Morningstar, and S&P Capital IQ in the future.

“We are excited to have collaborated with HashKey Capital in the development of these new custom indices,” FTSE Russell’s head of Asia-Pacific, Index Investments Group, Chris Williamson remarked during the announcement.

The executive added:

The indices start with our rigorous vetting and monitoring process, setting standards for asset and exchange inclusion to meet institutional demand for investability and regulatory integrity in this new asset class.

According to Wednesday’s announcement the FTSE Custom Digital Asset Top 20 Index monitors the top 20 crypto assets by market capitalization, mirroring over 90% of the digital asset market’s performance.

The FTSE Custom Digital Asset Infrastructure Index focuses on assets foundational to the crypto ecosystem, such as smart contract platforms and distributed computation. Lastly, the FTSE Custom Digital Asset Application Index tracks assets linked to staking and decentralized finance (defi).

Hashkey recently obtained a comprehensive capital markets license in Singapore and in mid-January, Hashkey Group announced a $100 million capital raise via a Series A funding round. “We have witnessed a significant surge in demand from investors who want to diversify their portfolios beyond the established cryptocurrencies,” Hashkey’s managing director Mr. Deng Chao said on Wednesday.

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