AI Agents: The Next Big Buyers in Crypto, Predicts Palantir’s Joe Lonsdale

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This week, Joe Lonsdale, a founding partner of Palantir, engaged in a dialogue about artificial intelligence (AI) on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” During this discussion, he highlighted the significant role AI will play in enhancing productivity. Furthermore, Lonsdale pointed out the potential for AI agents to utilize cryptocurrency in economic transactions, suggesting that bitcoin, ethereum, and solana could emerge as the leading assets in such a scenario.

The Unforeseen Buyer — Palantir Co-Founder Suggests AI Agents Could Drive Cryptocurrency Adoption

Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of the data analytics and software firm Palantir Technologies, recently appeared on “Squawk Box” to talk about AI. During the show, he touched on the potential use of digital currencies by AI agents. A staunch advocate for AI, Lonsdale elaborated on its tangible benefits, particularly in boosting profit margins. He specifically cited the healthcare billing sector, noting, “AI is going to be able to double the margins in that area, which means you pull $100 billion of spend out of the economy.”

The discussion then shifted towards bitcoin and crypto assets, where Joe Kernen, often referred to as “Joe Squawk,” shared his perspective. He opined that astute investors who entered the market when bitcoin was valued at $800 or even $8,000 made a timely move, implying that it might now be too late for others. Lonsdale responded by hinting at the possibility of an unforeseen buyer, specifically mentioning autonomous AI agents.

“There’s not going to be a whole new financial story driving it from the side of buyers necessarily,” the Palantir co-founder said. “Although, there’s one type of buyer that’s very important here — AI agents are going to start to do a lot of things in our economy and AI agents that coordinate with incentive systems are probably going to use crypto. So, if this AI story works out in consumer areas … everything to AI.”

CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin responded, “Well they are not going to be using bitcoin. They might be using ethereum, they might be using solana” or some other crypto. “Those are the three they might use, and they’re probably all correlated at the end of the day,” Lonsdale replied to Sorkin. The Palantir co-founder is not the only one who believes AI and crypto could combine forces. Grayscale, a prominent leader in digital asset management, recently released a study underscoring the burgeoning convergence of AI and cryptocurrencies.

In a blog post, Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and former CEO of Bitmex, delved into the potential demand for bitcoin by autonomous AI agents. He posited that if bitcoin and these AI entities join forces, the value of the digital asset could soar to $760,000 within the next two to three years. Hayes further emphasized that “bitcoin is the monetary instrument closest to representing pure energy.”

What do you think about Lonsdale’s statements about AI and crypto assets? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below.

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