Game of Giants: How a Big Tech Behemoth’s Purchase Turned a SaaS Gem into a Costly Relic

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Game of Giants: How Awesome Motive, a Big Tech Behemoth’s, Purchase Turned Thrive Themes, a SaaS Gem, into a Costly Relic

A giant destroys a SaaS gem.

The Giant, in this case, is Awesome Motive run by Syed Balkhi.

The SaaS (Software As A Service) Gem, in this case, is Thrive Themes.

For years, Thrive Themes has been an amazing product–a suite of tools comprised of plug-ins and themes–headed by the articlate and intelligent Shane Melaugh. And there were videos from Hanna, an articulate and intelligent and cute young woman.

Thrive Themes was good. So, what happened to Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes was good until Syed Balkhi and “Awesome Motive” bought it.

Amazing Motive buys Thrive Themes and ruins it
Amazing Motive buys Thrive Themes and ruins it

Syed Balkhi who runs “Awesome Motive” is behaving like a greedy hedge fund manager who buys companies, raises prices, limits or reduces the product offering, and in doing so, destroys the existing customer base so they can turn it into a boutique, high-priced business so they, at some point, can have a high-priced exit strategy. It’s greed. They’re driven by greed and ego.

Since being acquired by “Awesome Motive” run by Syed Balkhi, this is what has happened:

1. Thrive Themes doubled the prices to $599 annually.
2. Thrive Themes limits the websites to only 5 websites.
3. They disable your content if you don’t renew.
4. If you quit paying the fees, they do not allow you to edit the content, even if you paid for years earlier and are using “older” tools.

What Syed Balkhi and “Awesome Motive” (not awesome) are doing is rotten. It is despicable. It it not user-friendly. What they are doing shows a total lack of consideration for their customer base.

Now that Shane and Hanna (cutie) have left, and sold Thrive Themes to a greedy guy who treats it like a greedy hedge fund manager, Thrive Themes is over.

#GoodbyeThriveThemes #SyedBalkhi #ThriveThemes #WhatHappenedToThriveThemes

Syed and Awesome Motive already doubled the prices and limiting the websites to only 5.

It’s really sad that Thrive Themes allowed itself to be purchased by Syed, the guy from “Awesome Motive” which is NOT awesome.

Awesome Motive already raised the prices, almost doubled them, and limited or reduced the amount of websites you can use it on to only 5 websites. At the moment, I have Thrive Themes running on some 18 websites.

I send Syed, the guy who owns “Awesome Motive” a personal message on Instagram and also a personal message at his website. He has not yet replied to either message.

Awesome Motive is just another big company that behaves like a greedy hedge fund, that buys smaller companies, reduces their offerings, and raises their prices, leaving their customer base puzzled and wondering and disappointed.

Awesome Motive sucks.

Syed appears to be a greedy guy that’s okay with gobbling up smaller companies and making them worse.

I put together a number of articles about this that you can read at the links below:

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