WEF Panelists: Blockchain’s ‘Killer Use Case’ Might Be Tracking AI Model Data Bias

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Using blockchain to stamp out biases in artificial intelligence models might turn out to be the technology’s “killer user case,” executives attending the World Economic Forum in Davos have said. The blockchain firm Casper Labs and the computer giant IBM have partnered to create an AI data bias tracking system.

Artificial Intelligence Hallucinations

Some of the business executives attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos have argued that using blockchain to stamp out bias or misinformation in the data used to train artificial intelligence (AI) models could be the technology’s “killer user case.”

According to a report by CNBC, blockchain is now preferred because it allows AI developers to track the data that their respective models are trained on. The blockchain firm Casper Labs and the multinational technology corporation IBM have partnered to create such an AI data-tracking system.

The executives’ call for a blockchain-based tracking system comes at a time when concerns over the potential use of AI models in disseminating false or biased data are growing. One study has suggested that when an AI model produces a skewed perspective on a certain subject, users will continue to replicate this beyond even their interactions with the artificial intelligence model.

However, Medha Parlikar, the chief technology officer and co-founder of Casper Labs, who spoke at a WEF panel discussion, suggested that her firm’s solution is already proving to be useful in tackling the problem of AI bias.

“And so as you use the AI, if it’s learning and you find that the AI is starting to hallucinate, you can actually roll back the AI. And so you can undo some of the learning and go back to a previous version of the AI,” Parlikar said.

Sheila Warren, the CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation, insisted that an AI tracking solution may be the blockchain’s most consequential use case and one that validates the calls for its wider adoption. She added:

“I actually do think that the verification of an AI and sort of the checks and balances … within an AI system, is going to be blockchain driven and blockchain-backed.”

Do you agree that AI data tracking is potentially the blockchain’s killer use case? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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