Victoria VR Aims to Be the First Crypto-Related App for Apple’s Vision Pro

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Victoria VR is slated to become the inaugural crypto-related application for the Apple Vision Pro. With a focus on active user engagement and a blockchain-based economy, the game will have to navigate the challenges posed by App Store policies as it relates to applications involving crypto.

Victoria VR Sets to Be First Crypto-Related App to Launch on Vision Pro

The upcoming Victoria VR game is set to become the first crypto-related application for Apple’s latest product offering, the Vision Pro. Despite Apple’s reluctance to label the Vision Pro as a VR headset, for all intents and purposes it is a VR headset with augmented reality-like features.

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Victoria VR, described in a whitepaper, will be a game that leverages the advanced features of the Apple Vision Pro, incorporating Web3 technology to offer an immersive MMORPG experience with realistic graphics powered by Unreal Engine. The game will set itself apart by being blockchain-based and user-owned.

The Victoria VR token, essential for in-game transactions, rewards, and engagement, has seen a significant rise in value, climbing over 106% in just a day, following the announcement of its integration into the Vision Pro platform.

Apple’s historically cautious stance on crypto and in-app economies raises questions about Victoria VR’s launch prospects on the App Store. The tech giant’s previous actions, including banning token-gated content, reflect its skepticism towards cryptocurrencies. However, Victoria VR aims to navigate these challenges with a model that encourages active participation and contribution from its users, promising a portion of in-game asset sale revenues to be shared with stakers and active participants in the metaverse.

Victoria VR’s vision is ambitious, aiming to create a self-sustaining economy within its metaverse, where every interaction holds potential for reward. As the game prepares for a spring launch, it represents an attempt to marry the latest in spatial computing with the decentralized ethos of Web3.

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