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In a big growth within the blockchain enviornment, CyberConnect has introduced the launch of ‘Cyber,’ a groundbreaking Layer 2 (L2) resolution, crafted explicitly for the social area and poised to gas mass adoption of Web3. Revealed by way of a tweet, the initiative is a collaborative effort powered by EigenLayer and Optimism, and in partnership with AltLayer.

Cyber emerges as the primary modular L2 resolution distinctly engineered for social engagement and widespread acceptance. It addresses the urgent want for a decentralized social framework that empowers consumer possession and redistributes the worth at present monopolized by Massive Tech giants. By leveraging this new platform, Web3 goals to diversify past the dominant DeFi (Decentralized Finance) purposes, opening doorways for broader consumer inclusion.

Figuring out the Want

Present blockchain-based social networks fall wanting fostering real adoption attributable to subpar consumer experiences, exorbitant gasoline charges, and insufficient transaction throughput. Builders discover themselves in a good nook, fighting blockchain architectures that don’t align with social functionalities. CyberConnect’s expertise with tasks like Link3.cyber and Mocaverse, which amassed over two million customers and facilitated over 20 million transactions, underscores the unsustainable nature of present Web3 social fashions.

Introducing Cyber: the social Layer 2 with restaking.

Powered by @eigenlayer & @Optimism, in partnership with @alt_layer, Cyber is the primary modular L2 designed for social and mass adoption.

What makes Cyber the de facto selection for web3 social customers & builders? 🧵👇🏼

— CyberConnect (@CyberConnectHQ) March 8, 2024

Cyber units itself aside by specializing in scalability whereas sustaining alignment with Ethereum by way of EigenLayer. It boasts a formidable transaction capability exceeding 100,000 per second at negligible gasoline prices. The platform introduces a novel twin staking mechanism involving ETH and its native CYBER tokens, enhancing community safety and consumer engagement.

Aligning with the Optimism Superchain, Cyber pledges to supply complete social infrastructure that transcends the restrictions of remoted platforms. This dedication ensures customers and builders can faucet into the expansive onchain economic system, fostering a extra inclusive and interconnected digital ecosystem.

Cyber prioritizes consumer accessibility by integrating account abstraction beneath EIP-7560, simplifying the transition from Web2 to Web3 experiences. It additional enhances safety and comfort by way of native help for EIP-7212, permitting account administration through passkeys or FaceID.

Fostering Financial Alternatives

Cyber is designed to create symbiotic financial environments the place builders and customers alike can thrive. Members can generate yield by way of varied means equivalent to bridged ETH, LST, and LRT, share in protocol charges, and obtain ecosystem rewards, making a vibrant and sustainable group.

With Cyber, builders acquire entry to an enshrined social graph and CyberDB, a cost-efficient and high-performance decentralized storage service. These instruments considerably cut back the obstacles to creating and scaling social purposes, enabling a 100-fold enchancment in growth effectivity.

The Cyber Sepolia Testnet is scheduled to go reside subsequent week, marking a pivotal step in the direction of the platform’s full deployment, to be overseen by AltLayer. This launch is just not merely a technical milestone however a beacon of change for the Web3 social panorama, promising a future the place social networks are extra inclusive, user-centric, and economically empowering.

General, CyberConnect’s launch of Cyber represents a important inflection level within the evolution of Web3 social platforms. By addressing the core challenges of current blockchain-based networks and introducing progressive options for scalability, consumer expertise, and financial incentives, Cyber stands poised to redefine the social material of the digital age.

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