South African Fintech Startup Ukheshe Acquires 100% Stake in EFT Corporation

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South African fintech startup Ukheshe recently announced that it has acquired a 100% stake in EFT Corporation, an Africa-focused payment services provider. According to the startup, the acquisition takes Ukheshe closer to its stated goal of attaining a larger footprint in Africa and beyond.

Access to New Technologies and Markets

The South African fintech startup, Ukheshe, recently disclosed that it had acquired a 100% stake in EFT Corporation, an Africa-focused payment services provider. The acquisition provides the combined entity with access to new technologies and opportunities and enhances Ukheshe’s exposure to different markets, customers, and business opportunities.

According to a statement from Ukheshe, the acquisition of EFT Corporation from its parent firm Loita Transaction Services (LXS) came nearly two years after it acquired the digital payment platform Masterpass. The takeover also occurred just a few months after the fintech startup closed its funding partnership with Development Partners International (DPI) in 2023.

Remarking on his company’s latest high-profile acquisition, Clayton Haywards, the co-founder and CEO of Ukheshe said:

“The market is ripe for consolidation and disruption, bringing together these like-minded executive teams & our great products positions us to dominate the African continent as the preferred banking solutions partner.”

As explained in the statement, the acquisition moves Ukheshe closer to its goal of expanding its footprint across Africa and beyond. This in turn helps the fintech startup deliver increased value to its stakeholders.

Stephen Enderby, CEO at EFT Corporation, said Ukheshe’s acquisition ended his firm’s search for a partner to support its digital strategy. James Griffiths, Partner at DPI, said the acquisition underscores his firm’s confidence in Ukheshe’s leadership and its growth potential.

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