Solana’s Jupiter Airdrop Allegedly Leaked: A User Received Almost $1 Million Using 9,246 Wallets

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The recent airdrop of JUP, the token of the Solana native Jupiter exchange, was allegedly gamed by an individual who avoided established controls. An unknown airdrop hunter received 1.85 million JUP (almost $1 million) using over 9,000 wallets for this task, with some users presuming an insider leaked the airdrop information beforehand.

Jupiter Airdrop Allegedly Leaked by an Insider

Some users have begun to question the fairness of the Jupiter airdrop, an event that distributed over $700 million in JUP tokens to users of the Solana native Jupiter exchange in January. While the airdrop has been recognized as one of the largest in its class, crypto sleuths have detected irregularities in the form in which some approached this event.

X user Open4profit stressed the airdrop was unfair, claiming that an unknown user gamed the system, receiving 1.85 million JUP tokens (almost $1 million) using over 9,000 wallets to achieve this objective.

The leader and founder of Jupiter, also known as Meow in X, recognized that these irregularities did happen and denied that this was related to an insider leak before the airdrop. He stated:

This was something we did not catch. We did not declare an airdrop ahead of time, but someone guessed the airdrop a few days before and farmed it super hard. Will do much better in future.

Nonetheless, X user Lord Ashtray pressed on, declaring that, most likely, the airdrop hunter was tipped off by an insider because he knew exactly how to farm the JUP airdrop without triggering the bot detection algorithms that prevent this kind of farming. He also stated that other teams tried to farm the airdrop without success.

Lord Ashtray said:

Stop being a lying piece of human being and just start investigating which team member leaked all the information and to whom.

However, no relationship has been established between Jupiter team members and the unknown airdrop farmer.

What do you think about the alleged leak that allowed an airdrop farmer to receive almost $1 million worth of JUP tokens? Tell us in the comments section below.

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