Solana Mobile Announces Saga Succesor: Chapter 2

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Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Labs, has announced the release of a new phone named Chapter 2. The new phone, whose technical specs have not been announced yet, is projected to be a lower-cost alternative to its Saga sibling, priced at $1,000 on its release date.

Solana Mobile Opens Preorders for Chapter 2

Solana Mobile, a cell phone-oriented subsidiary of Solana Labs, has recently announced plans to produce a new Solana-themed device. The company revealed Chapter 2, a successor to its Saga phone launched last year, that capitalized on the rise of the meme market. While there have been no specs listed yet, Chapter 2 is expected to be a lower-cost alternative to Saga, having been priced significantly lower than it.

The company seeks to take advantage of the phenomenon that started with Saga, which possessed a non-transferable token that became a distribution channel for many airdrops and new projects in the Solana ecosystem. The rise of Bonk, a Solana-based meme coin that allowed Saga owners to claim an airdrop, ignited the demand for the phone, making prices skyrocket to $5,000 in the secondary market. Before, the phone’s price was lowered from $1,000 to $599 due to lack of interest.

While Chapter 2 won’t have this same kind of non-transferable NFT, Solana Mobile announced that there was an “incredible appetite to reach users using this mechanism, and we’re looking forward to building on this experience in Chapter 2,” hinting at the follow-up of the previous experience.

Preorders are already open, and there has been positive feedback for the phone that is being offered at $450, expected to be the full price for early adopters. Solana Mobile declared that the volume of orders pouring in had already exceeded their expectations for the first day. The company aims to launch the phone in the first half of 2025 and to sell at least 100,000 devices.

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