Social Media Platform X Halts NFT Profile Service, Stirring Mixed Reactions in Crypto Sphere

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The social media platform X has discontinued its non-fungible token (NFT) profile picture service, a feature introduced just last year in January 2022. The crypto community’s response to this move has been notable, with Kraken’s founder, Jesse Powell, labeling it as “a step back for the industry.”

Social Media Giant X Drops NFT Profile Service

Elon Musk’s X social media platform appears to have eliminated its NFT profile feature. Previously, the service enabled X subscribers to use an Ethereum-based NFT as their profile image on X. Back when X was known as Twitter, it began embracing NFTs and bitcoin (BTC) tipping in September 2021. Introduced in January 2022, the NFT profile extension saw an expansion by October 2022, with the social media company unveiling “NFT Tweet Tiles.”

This development sparked mixed reactions within the crypto community, with some individuals appreciating X’s decision to remove the NFT feature, while others expressed disappointment at the move. “The hexagonal NFT profile pics are gone from X. The prices are down 90%+,” the developer Jimmy Song wrote on X. “All those marketers and VCs that were saying how NFTs were this amazing thing with so many use cases 3 years ago, where are they now?” Song asked.

Co-founder of Taproot Wizards, Udi Wertheimer, joined the conversation on the topic and jokingly remarked, “X (Twitter) removes support for legacy Ethereum off-chain pointers.” Kraken’s founder, Jesse Powell also brought up the subject as well. “Discontinued support for NFT profile pics on @X is a step back for the industry. Reduced utility is always a loss,” Powell wrote.

He added:

NFT PFPs weren’t widely used but it was an MVP and never got the treatment it deserved: communities, message signing, and features built around proof of ownership.

The social media firm’s move may prompt a reevaluation of the integration of blockchain technology in social media in general. It also serves as a reminder of the industry’s fluid nature, where innovation is constant, but not all ventures succeed. As the market adjusts, the future of digital collectibles and their role in mainstream platforms remains an open, evolving narrative, potentially leading to more refined and impactful uses of the technology in the digital sphere.

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