Okx Adds Four Inscription Standards to Its Web3 Wallet and Marketplace

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Okx has said it will be adding support for four inscription token standards to its Web3 wallet at the beginning of and in late February. The Web3 firm has said the addition of inscription standards to its Web3 wallet and marketplace helps Okx drive the adoption of Web3 and power its next growth phase.

Driving the Adoption of Web3

Okx, a Web3 technology company, announced on Jan. 29 that it will launch support for four new inscription token standards on its platform. The support will start with Bitcoin token standard and stamps (SRC-20) on Feb. 5, followed by atomicals (ARC-20), runes, and dogecoin’s doginals (DRC-20) later in the same month.

According to a statement, Okx will also add DRC-20, ARC-20, and Runes standards to its marketplace in late February, enabling users to trade these inscriptions with zero fees. The Web3 firm has said its ultimate goal is to help drive the adoption of Web3 and power its next growth phase.

Commenting on the addition of new inscription standards, which make Okx one of the leading one-stop inscriptions ecosystems in Web3, Okx Chief Technology Officer Jason Lau said:

“Okx strives to drive mainstream adoption of technologies on the leading edge of Web3, and our new inscriptions ecosystem is evidence of our commitment to this mission. By empowering users to easily buy, sell, create, and trade leading token standards on one platform with zero trading fees, Okx is simplifying access and removing barriers so users can explore and realize the potential of inscriptions.”

As per the statement, the Okx wallet’s inscriptions tool already supports the minting of inscriptions on 23 networks, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche-C, and Arbitrum One. In addition, the Web3 company’s inscription offering is said to be the industry’s most advanced, with liquidity across multiple inscription standards.

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