ENS Partners Godaddy to Link Domains and Web3 Addresses

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Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a Web3 service provider, and Godaddy, a domain and web hosting company, announced they are partnering to link domains with Web3 addresses. The link between current internet domains and Ethereum-based domain services will allow users to leverage their current domain across Web3 applications, easing the entrance of newcomers to the space.

ENS Partners With Godaddy to Streamline Blockchain and Web2 Domain Integration

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a provider of blockchain-based domain names, and Godaddy, an internet name service and web hosting company, have announced a partnership to provide an easy integration path for their services. The team-up allows Godaddy customers to use a conventional Domain Name Service (DNS) address for crypto-related transactions instead of a long standard Ethereum address, easing the onboarding of these users into the Web3 ecosystem.

The functionality was added as a new feature in Godaddy’s admin app, called crypto wallets, that allows for free linking on an active domain name with an Ethereum cryptocurrency address.

This feature is not new, as ENS has always allowed the linking of conventional domain names. However, the partnership comes with a technical innovation called Gasless DNSSEC, which facilitates this linking without paying hefty Ethereum fees, which reached up to 0.5 ETH before.

ENS qualified this move as a milestone and acknowledged that for the company to succeed, it must integrate with the current infrastructure. Nick Johnson, founder and lead developer of ENS, stated:

By pairing up ENS names and Godaddy domains, we will streamline the way users interact with web domains, blending the familiarity of the DNS with the potential of blockchain technology.

Paul Nicks, president of domains at Godaddy, also commented on the benefits this partnership will bring users, emphasizing that it brings a “unique opportunity to experience the fusion of domain names and blockchain technologies.”

ENS has registered close to 2.1 million names created since its launch, surpassing the 1 million names registered in May 2022.

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