Bullish on Bitcoin: Global Survey Respondents Anticipate BTC Price Spike to $60K and Beyond in 2024

Bullish on Bitcoin: Global Survey Respondents Anticipate BTC Price Spike to $60K and Beyond in 2024

A recent international survey by Bitget has illuminated the crypto market’s hopeful perspective, drawing insights from close to 10,000 individuals across areas such as West Europe, East Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, MENA, and Latin America. More than half of the participants globally anticipate that bitcoin prices will hover between $30,000 and $60,000 during the halving period (around April 2024), while 30% foresee the price exceeding the $60,000 mark.

Bitget Survey Shows High Optimism Among Crypto Investors

Bitget’s latest survey shared with Bitcoin.com News, uncovers a robust conviction in bitcoin’s capacity to outdo its previous peak by 2024, with 84% of investors foreseeing substantial growth preceding the forthcoming halving occurrence. The approach adopted by Bitget for this survey facilitated a thorough grasp of the worldwide investor sentiment regarding crypto assets.

Engaging nearly 10,000 people from diverse regions, the study offered a broad perspective on the anticipated future value of bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market at large. This varied group of participants highlights the extensive enthusiasm and hope placed in digital currencies as a legitimate investment option, mirroring a global agreement on the likelihood of significant market expansion.

The Bitget study on the impact of Bitcoin’s halving “provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment,” Gracy Chen, Bitget’s managing director remarked. “The findings reflect a broad spectrum of expectations and investment plans, indicating that 2024 will be a significant year for the bitcoin market.”

The survey’s results underscore a dominant belief among investors in bitcoin’s journey towards new price highs. With the anticipation of the fourth reward halving event as a pivotal juncture, the majority view this occasion as a critical turning point for the premier cryptocurrency, potentially propelling it to unprecedented levels.

Such optimism is supported by historical patterns, where previous halvings have triggered notable market surges, solidifying the positive expectations held by the survey’s contributors. Beyond optimistic forecasts for bitcoin’s pricing, the survey also illuminated investment trends, with 70% of respondents aiming to bolster their crypto asset holdings in the coming year.

This intention is particularly pronounced among individuals from MENA and East Europe, showing a more pronounced eagerness to augment their investments in digital currencies. Bitget’s survey additionally highlights a “short-term cautious, long-term optimistic” outlook among investors from Western Europe.

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