B2Core Launches v4 Update, Bringing Next-Level CRM Interface for Better UX

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In the digital era, the front end of a platform like B2Core, which serves as a complete CRM and back-office solution for financial businesses, should be both adaptable and easy to use.

For better business-to-client communication, a well-designed CRM is necessary, offering a straightforward interface that combines practicality with a clean design. This is important for companies looking to manage and improve their customer interactions effectively.

B2Core has responded to these needs by enhancing its front end in the recent release of v4. Let’s investigate the new version thoroughly.

Streamlined Dashboard UI

A customised command centre for users is the B2Core Dashboard. Users now have more control over their dashboard arrangement thanks to adding a new left bar in the B2Core v4. In addition, they can include widgets that show relevant banners, offer fast access links, reveal trading account details, and adjust to various layouts.

For tracking financial activity and effortlessly navigating the platform, this makes the Dashboard a vibrant and interactive area.

Component-Based Architecture

With the release of B2Core version 4, a component-based front-end design has been implemented. A central library of interface components streamlines the development process by centralising the solution’s library of interface components. Each of these elements constitutes a standard building block of the interface and has been tested and verified independently.

The reuse of these components facilitates faster updates and quality assurance, as well as an improvement in the user interface. As a result, the need for frequent code reviews is reduced. For B2Core CRM users, this translates into a simpler, more reliable platform that is more able to adjust and develop efficiently.

Wallet Management & Funds Handling

Adding a new right bar to the Wallet area, activated by a single click on a wallet, completely changes how users access various transactions and see their recent activity.

A wide range of features, including deposit, withdrawal, internal withdrawal (found on the withdrawal page), transfer, and exchange choices, are now included in the Transaction Operations Module.

Users can now expand each transaction row for more information and group transactions under different tabs for convenient navigation in the reorganised Transactions History section.

Advanced Trading

Within B2Core, the soon-to-be-released B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP) provides a sophisticated, user-friendly trading environment.

Integrating B2BinPay, the leading solution for safe and effective transaction processing, further improves B2Core’s product offerings. Furthermore, with over 1000 products, B2Broker’s liquidity solutions provide comprehensive support encompassing everything from platform setup to risk management.

This comprehensive ecosystem shows the group’s strong commitment to elevating the user experience by providing the company’s clients with first-rate services and comfort at every turn.

Centralised Profile Management

Modifications have also been made to the B2Core v4 Profile section. It incorporates user settings, a robust security module, and expedited verification processes; it is now conveniently situated in the header for easy access.

Users can now save withdrawal data on the revised Presets page, which has been overhauled for better access.

In addition to these enhancements, the processes for signing up and signing in have been improved, emphasising security and usability and making the platform more straightforward and intuitive.

What Else Comes with B2Core v4?

B2Core v4 introduces a number of extra UI improvements that boost user experience and operational effectiveness even more:

Enhancing the Capabilities of Introducing Brokers (IBs) — Banners, Promo sections, and improved filtering in IB Dashboard and Reports provide more operational control and insights.
Improved Helpdesk — More intuitive customer support with enhanced chat capabilities, schedule visualisation support, and ticket management UX support.
Improved User Onboarding and Mobile Integration — Users may easily adjust to new functions with the help of an Onboarding tool on every page and a special QR code in the mobile app that allows for a seamless desktop-mobile transition.
Enhanced Bonus Handling — With filtering options, the Bonuses page has been divided into bonus programs and active subscriptions.
Interface Flexibility — For a customised experience, a unique user interface feature that lets users flip between the old and new interfaces.


Building on the recent cTrader iOS app integration, B2Core v4 ushers in a new era of user experience. This upgrade changes the platform’s front end, emphasising not only how it looks but also how users may interact with it to make it more dynamic, efficient, and intuitive.

Explore all the fantastic front-end improvements in B2Core v4. The company is eager to hear your opinions!






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