Kaspersky Alerts Public About Mac Specific Malware Targeting Crypto Wallets

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Kaspersky, the cybersecurity firm based in Russia, has issued a public warning regarding a new malware strain that particularly targets Mac users, focusing on their crypto wallets. This malicious software, which infiltrates computers via counterfeit applications, sets up a backdoor aimed at bitcoin wallets, including Exodus. It then substitutes these wallets with fraudulent versions designed to extract the critical information required to drain the crypto assets stored within.

Kaspersky Alerts About Cryptocurrency Stealing Malware In Mac Operating Systems

Kaspersky, a Russian security company, has alerted the public about a new malware targeting cryptocurrency wallets installed in Apple computers. The malware targets computers with the Mac operating systems with versions 13.6 or above, focusing on newer devices expected to be used by crypto-savvy users.

The malware, distributed through pirated applications, is bundled with an activator app to patch the previously compromised pirated application to run on the targeted computer. If the patch is not applied, the application will not run.

After getting administrative rights, the malware scans the PC for installed cryptocurrency wallets attempting to substitute them with compromised apps, intending to get the access keys to these apps and siphon the cryptocurrency held in them.

While malware targeting cryptocurrency wallets is not new, Kaspersky explains that the novelty of this software resides in two aspects: using DNS records to deliver its malicious scripts and replacing the wallet application with another infected version. The malware was observed to target Bitcoin Core and Exodus wallets in this way, but it is unknown if it can target other cryptocurrency wallet apps.

Sergey Puzan, a security researcher at Kaspersky, stated:

The macos malware being linked to pirated software highlights the serious risks. Cybercriminals use pirated apps to easily access users’ computers and get admin privileges by asking them to enter the password.

Furthermore, Puzan advised users to be extra cautious with cryptocurrency wallets, recommending avoiding downloading apps from unofficial sites and using security software solutions for better protection.

What do you think about the Macos-specific malware discovered by Kaspersky? Tell us in the comments section below.

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