Coinbase’s Rollup Base Updates Roadmap and Goals for 2024

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Base, the Coinbase incubated rollup, has updated its roadmap and goals for 2024. In a blog post, Base informed that it will not only focus on building a development platform but on fostering the decentralization of such an environment, building on-chain apps, and bringing liquidity to its ecosystem.

Base to Focus on Building a ‘New Economy’ in 2024

Base, the Coinbase incubated Ethereum rollup, has revealed an updated roadmap for 2024. The rollup indicated that it will now focus not only on building a “world-class on-chain development platform” but also on the apps that can be built on top of it and the capital that moves through them.

This commitment comes as part of the new conception of the Base ecosystem, which is now conceived as a three-layer platform, with an app ecosystem layer and a market layer on top of its development component. For this task, Base wants to establish itself as a rollup with a large capital component, coming from native and interconnected apps from Ethereum and other rollups.

With this new set of goals, Base aims to attract “over 1 billion people to a flourishing ecosystem of applications that enable the next wave of global creativity and innovation.”

Technically, this involves different sets of tasks, which include launching fault proofs to evolve to a Stage 1 rollup, the reduction of fees by the adoption of EIP-4844 (Proto-Danksharding), advancing the adoption of ERC-4337 and smart wallets, improving the availability of Base’s on and offramps, and further integrating Base into Coinbase’s ecosystem.

On the human side, Base announced it will keep supporting developers with its Grants program and supporting gasless interactions and coding learning initiatives. According to L2beat, Base is currently the third rollup with most total value locked (TVL), with over $700 million in its network.

In September, Base grew to have a TVL of $370 million, overtaking Solana’s numbers at the time.

What do you think about Base’s updated roadmap and goals for 2024? Tell us in the comments section below.

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